Here are the team of teachers and tutors who participate in the course.

Teachers and tutors


José Manuel Pérez Tornero. Professor of Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Doctor Honoris Causa by the Aix-Marseille University and PhD in Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. With extensive experience in the field of communication and education in television and multimedia and level of counseling and teaching. Since 1994, Director of the Department of Communication and Education at the UAB.

Untitled-2Santiago Tejedor Calvo. Doctor in Journalism and Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Professor of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Doctor by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). General coordinator of the Department of Communication and Education at the UAB.


Laura Cervi. Professor at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. PhD in Political Science from Universita di Pavia, Italy. Degree in Political Universita di Pavia by Italy, with a research conducted in the US.


AgusMorales_MeìxicoAgus Morales. Freelance reporter and associate professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He’s editor-in-chief of Revista 5W, a world news magazine in Spanish, and has been correspondent for EFE news agency in India and Pakistan. He has also worked for Médecins Sans Frontières and has covered humanitarian crises in South Sudan, Syria, DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc. He holds a PhD of Literature and Language.n.

Untitled-1Virginia Sola Díaz. Degree in Journalism and Media Studies. I enjoy watching what goes around, in and out of the screen. I’m curious about different things. I am interested, above all, at social and cultural issues. I defend the public quality media that educate and inform keeping a critical eye. I like to be devil’s advocate in my spare time and also in working hours. I’ve worked in RNE and TVE as multipurpose journalist since 1999.

Untitled-2Ignasi Rodríguez Batlle. I am director (producer) in TVE. I’ve been reporter in the TV program Repor for 10 years. Whatever I like more about my job is going out and filming. Portraying moments of life, capture the feeling, the soul of the people, seeing life through the camera viewfinder.

Untitled-3Sara Boldú Botam. I’ve been working in the audiovisual production of the RTVE television program Repor for 10 years. I like the image and my life is on the street telling stories. I observe things through the camera and I’m afraid that my work is my hobby.

Untitled-4Blanca Flaquer. Has a degree in History and Journalism. She works for the Spanish Television (TVE) since 2003, where she has made reports in programs like Al teu servei, Vivir el Forum, Els nous catalans (Babel), Leonart and En construcción. Since 2009 she is director and screenwriter of the cultural program La mitad invisible.

Untitled-5Angel Pons. I work as a journalist for the daily news in TVE since 2005, and I’m member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts TV. Just present the XXI Prizes Zapping 2016 for audiovisual quality, the most prestigious awards given by the public in Spain. For 3 years I’ve been presenting the Three The Three Wise Kings Day Parade in Barcelona for La1 Cnannel, TVE. It was the first live broadcast in Europe with a drone. To get more information, you can check my web:

cesarvallejomovil_okCésar Vallejo. Creative director at He works on creating Internet and conventional television formats. He is an expert in narrative interaction and also he was part of the team Lab developing one of the first interactive documentaries in Spain. He has been awarded with several Webby Awards for his work in the development of interactive products. His documentary “Revelando a Dalí” has been one of the most awarded in RTVE, winning a Gold Dolphin in Cannes.

JoseluisGarcianHernanJosé Luis García Hernán-Pérez. I work as a Technical Telecommunication Engineer at RTVE. During last years, I have been in charge of various responsibilities and positions, obtaining different knowledge from the worlds of radio, television and computer. In Digital Department I delved into the world of computer networks; as Assistant Manager of Technical Network of the Spanish Public Radio, RNE, I developed my work within radio frequencies, radio links and MF and MW broadcasting centers; as Assistant Manager of Broadcast for RTVE, I worked on DTT; I was also responsible of ‘red button’ at Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV; and after this, as Assistant Manager of Technical Resources at RNE I am working with sound studios, sound mixers and applications on smartphones.